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30 years after Enzo Tortora’s arrest and the infamous accuses he suffered, and 25 years after his death, this documentary film wants to remember the case that obliged politics to face civil liability of judges. We asked to this story’s character what has changed after 30 years and we managed to recall the tragedy of a good man.


The “Tortora case” is still an open wound, too often a flag waved on the barricades of opposing sides. After twenty-five since his death and thirty years since his arrest, it is necessary to reconstruct, through the protagonists and witnesses, a story that is an archetype of Italy from a human and historical point of view.


Ambrogio Crespi was born in Milan on 19 January in 1970. He started his career working in productions for theatre and television, with Gianfranco Funari. He was vice-president of Alto Verbano, Film Production Company belonging to the family of the famous actor Renato Pozzetto, where he developed important works.

He was director of Timing Film Project, producer of the documentary Geo&Geo broadcasting by Rai.

He also produced lots of tv ads for important national and international companies (such as Tic Tac, Peroni, Swatch, Pasta Agnese, Lancia).

Now he has created a web company where he works as blogger, creating with the production of Gruppo Datamedia more than 100 “docuweb” and videos that you can see on www.misterblog.it. His recent productions are: “Schegge di memoria” and a documentary film about Edi Rama (Prime Ministers of Albania).

As for the documentary production, in 2013 he made “Enzo Tortora, injured Italy” that he brought on tour around Italy and Europe, and that in 2014 won the SIFF – Salento International film Festival.

Still in 2014, at the Taormina Film Fest, he presented his latest documentary film “Capitano Ultimo, le ali del falco” in which he describes the reality of the association created by Captain Sergio De Caprio and starring Raoul Bova.

He is a communication and digital marketing expert and chief editor of the online newspaper www.italia-24news.it